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A natural way to improving your health.

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100 Dry Mill Rd SW -Suite 102

Leesburg, VA 20176
(703) 596-4966

We offer a different approach to health and wellness.  Looking at the body as one whole system, we help you find what is needed to heal yourself from the inside out.  

Naturopathy is the practice and belief in the healing power of nature, that the body can heal itself if given the proper nutrition.  All of the various body systems are interconnected.  If one system is off - or out of balance - it can throw off other system.  

In Natural Health. -we look for all the body to be balanced.  If they are not, we try to find the underlying cause of this imbalance, and recommend the proper nutrition needed to correct it.

For example:

If the check engine light in your car is on, it is a symptom to get your car checked and fix the problem.  If you have digestive distress (for example, gas and/or bloating), it is your body's check engine light telling you to get it fixed.  In our body's case, we need to determine what is out of balance in our digestion, and then correct it - which will end the gas and bloating.

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